Q. What are the Learning Resources Division's computer software policies?


LRD Computer Software Policy

These policies are intended to clarify and implement procedures that respect the property rights of others and comply with copyright law.

  1. LRD personnel shall install on LRD computers only software that is the property of UDC.

    Commercial software is sold for personal use and commercial and/or multiple users. Multi-user software is usually purchased with a license that specifies the number of simultaneous users that can legally use the software. Personal use software intended for use by the general public is usually limited to one simultaneous user and must be loaded on only one computer that must be the property of the purchaser. Examples of this type of software include CDs that accompany a textbook.

  2. Software that accompanies a textbook should only be loaded on LRD computers by request of a faculty member after proof of ownership and a multiple user license is provided.

    The license must clearly specify that the software can be made available over third party computers and/or a local area network. A copy of the license should be retained on file with the signature and information of the requestor.

  3. The use of software that may be part of a book or other learning material that does not require installation on the hard disk may be used on LRD computers only by the owner of the software.

    Listening or viewing a CD, DVD, or other type of recorded media by the single owner of the software on LRD computers without downloading (recording) the information is a permissible activity.

  4. Requests for loading software that does not meet the requirements listed above should be directed to the Assistant Dean or the Dean’s Office.

    Only after receiving proper approval may LRD personnel load such software.

  5. LRD personnel shall not load any software that has not been requested for an academic use.

    Free software, including software that can be downloaded from the World Wide Web, that does not respond to an instructional/learning need should not be loaded on LRD computers.

This information shall be provided to users that may require such clarification and shall also be posted at each public computer access area.


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